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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It’s Just a Youngin

Our new blog is up. Don’t expect too much from the little guy just yet: a little maturing and getting a few quirks and errors out will do it good. But it’s there, and it’s where we’ll be posting from now on. So please join us.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Not Forgotten

It’s been a little while since we’ve posted. Good reason for that really. First, the holidays bowled us over. Sales were amazing, your patronage was thoughtful and fantastic, and we were able to get in a little family time too. So, thanks. Subby Customers rock the house!

But beyond that, we’re building a new blog that will be all ours and part of our website. We hope this is step one in kicking ourselves into the 21st century. We’d like to completely renovate our site this year and even add internet sales. Wouldn’t that be peachy? But no worries about us going corporate, it’ll always have that sweet DIY feel here at SB--all our internet stuff will be open source. Vive la Revolution!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

My 2007 Subby Wishlist

1. The Best American Series continues to offer a comics collection.

2. The store has a signing for one of Jeremy’s books (preorder now $20--no guarantees).

3. Glenn Danzig comes into the store when I’m actually here.

4. Our 7th Birthday Party has Dita von Teese and Marilyn Manson on the VIP list.

5. The store can afford the 300% pay raise I’ve asked for. They don’t call me J$$ for no reason. Right, Kelly? I mean Special K.

Monday, December 18, 2006


Apparently there is a whole subculture out there that likes to display the contents of their moleskine journals on the internet. My education never stops.

P.S. It has been suggested by certain unnamed persons that I have too much time on my hands.

Junky's Christmas

God bless YouTube for all that they make available, including this animation for a William S. Burroughs short story. See the whole thing: parts I, II, III. And have a Subterraneanly merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Part Le Final

For the kiddies we have stuffed creatures with their own stories to tell. No, not the Teddy Scares, these are for younger kids.

First, on the left, we have Flora-- the choral director at the local high school who enjoys horseback riding, watching Gilmore Girls and picking petunias. And she is quite demure.

Over on the right we have Wilby and Pongo and their peeps.

And then there's Claude. He calls himself an "unclassified hairy biped" but we know who he is. He's even a published author. Although he does have a bit of a chip on his shoulder. (Just flip through his books. You'll see what I mean.)

For the inner goth we've got skull soap-on-a-rope. It comes in rose scent, licorice, eucalyptus, and many others. In the same series we have coffin soap-on-a-rope (complete with tiny skulls surrounding the casket) and we have the trilogy of bats. Not on-a-rope, though.

We have super cool ornaments for the film buff, that look especially smashing on black Christmas trees.

And for all you word freaks out there, we have magnets made from cut-up words. Burroughs would be proud.

Friday, December 15, 2006


Available Sizes:
men's M, L, XL
ladies' S, M, L

(Part 4)

An Asian art fan? We have three boxed card collections right now.

First are the Hokusai cards. Twenty-five large-format cards (with envelopes) presented in a beautifully bound Japanese-style box with traditional fastening. Lovely.

Japanese, but a bit more modern, are the Fruits postcards. If you've seen the books Fruits and Fresh Fruits, then you know what I'm talking about. The Fruits Postcards is a collection of forty-five Tokyo street fashion portraits from Japan's premier fanzine of the same name. They're packaged in a see-through tangerine tinted plastic box. You can have your very own collection of individual photographs of wackily dressed Japanese teenagers.

Speaking of wacky, the third postcard set is Bollywood Dreams. It consists of 50 cards in a specially made tin box. The photographs are taken from the book Bollywood Dreams by Jonathan Torgovnik and explore many different facets of Bollywood cinema. My favorite is the cover shot.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

You Say...(Part 3)?

For years we have had folks coming in asking for blank books and journals. We never had any. There was a time when Meghan would practically beg us to come to our senses. She was right. And so was Matthew. And Jason. Everyone really. we have them.

We have Moleskine with the fancy-pants pocket. It comes in lined pages, squared pages, blank pages, and sketchbook format. We carry both the pocket size and the larger ones.

For the whimsical among you, we have spirals and notebooks put out by Dark Horse. We stock the Coop version, the Tim Biskup, Jim Flora and others.

If you would like something really special, we have handmade blank books crafted by St. Louis' own Janice Wallace. These are simply beautiful. They are handsewn, hand bound, and often, the paper is hand torn. They come in square and rectangular sizes.

Everything is in stock and just waiting for you to waltz up to the counter and fondle them.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

You Say You Need *More* Gift Ideas (Part 2)

Check it.

How cool are these?

These are the kid-friendly ones. They are paper automata kits. They contain the directions and all the paper pieces to build the models pictured. They even have the sticks and rubber bands that they require to locomote. There are also adult versions must you must be at least 18 to follow the link. We carry both the kid versions and the grown-up ones.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

You Say You Need *More* Gift Ideas (Part 1)?

Geeze, we've been swamped lately. Yippee for the holidays and all that selfless giving! For those of you who are still stumped, we cheerfully offer up these suggestions. For the metalhead in your life, see picture on the right. For the punkster, see left. And for everyone, behold the above. (In case your eyesight is getting poor from all that late-nite surfing, they read Heavy Metal Saved My Life, Punk Rock Saved My Life, and Reading is Sexy. Oh yes it is.) Each comes in several different sizes, both girly cut and boy size, and are in stock and ready for you to pick up.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Join us for the Par-tay!

Looking for Fun! and Art! and maybe Wine! We're the place to be--Art show opening this Friday (15th). Dani Kantrowitz is the newest inductee to the Subterranean Art Hall of Fame. She makes drawings that are fabulous and fun. Have you ever seen Marcel Dzama or Aya Takano? Her drawings are even more fun than theirs. The reception runs from 7 to 9pm, at the store, and the show will hang through Sunday, Jan. 14.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Time for Community

Ever wonder what the "support staff" looks like? You know, the ones who have to endure the highs and lows we all report home with. The ones who prop us up and dust us off each day, pushing us out the door to face the world again? Here's a not-very-good picture of the annual Subterranean Christmas Dinner. This year we went to Aya Sofia. It was very very tasty. This was taken at the end of dinner (and at the end of the wine).

A Picture's Worth

I keep meaning to send out a more detailed email about all the new cool things we have in, but dangit, the time just slips away. Maybe this week... Anyway, here are some photos of the new loft space. It about killed us, but it's up and running and doing quite well, thank you. (And a *huge* thanks to Rachel for making the perfect curtains.)